Welcome to booze-fueled tales, bar reviews, and cocktail commentaries.

The Origin Story


Bradley Pierce is a filmmaker and bartender who has spent the last 13 years behind bars and enjoys that almost as much as being in front of them. He considers rum, whiskey, and vodka close, personal friends. He likes drinks that tell tales and dead men who don’t.

Bella Luna is a variety performer and professional lush. Her poisons of choice are generally vodka and rum based drinks. She will occasionally veer into whiskey’s path, with a side of gin. Her drinking career was always topped off with a bright red maraschino cherry, then she discovered the Luxardo and nothing has been the same since.

Pierce and Luna met at a bar. They quickly realized they both liked drinking and writing and writing about drinking. The rest is history.

Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Bourbon Is Booming

The whiskey industry in Kentucky’s is booming. Production is way up, according to the Kentucky Distillers Association, it is over 1.7 million barrels for only the second time since 1968. There are currently almost two barrels of aging bourbon per person in the state an inventory level higher than it has been in 46 years. According to the …

Metallica Takes Their Whiskey Out Of The Jar

The new Metallica branded whiskey Blackened, is a blend of Bourbon, rye, and straight whiskey created by master distiller and blender Dave Pickerell, well known for his work at Maker’s Mark. Though probably delicious even before Metallica gets its sound into it, the most interesting part of the whiskey is exactly that. According to Metallica …