Metallica Takes Their Whiskey Out Of The Jar

The new Metallica branded whiskey Blackened, is a blend of Bourbon, rye, and straight whiskey created by master distiller and blender Dave Pickerell, well known for his work at Maker’s Mark.

Though probably delicious even before Metallica gets its sound into it, the most interesting part of the whiskey is exactly that. According to Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett “This is a whiskey that has our musical stamp, it’s something the world has not experienced before and gives one the opportunity to truly ‘taste the music.’”

The whiskey gains “the music” by exposing it to “Black Noise”, a “sonic-enhancement” process that uses Metallica’s music to help “shape the flavor” of the whiskey. The whiskey is aged by traditional means before being exposed to the power of metal, and the blackening process serves to enhance the flavors by vibrating the barrels and their contents on a molecular level releasing the deeper flavors from the wood and infusing the whiskey more deeply.

The idea behind Black Noise came from time Pickerell spent at West Point, home to the world’s largest church organ. When it hit its lowest note, “the whole building would tremble, it would really shake your guts,” according to Pickerell. He suggested that using these super low-wave frequencies could affect and improve the whiskey aging process. Enter Metallica, a band so appreciative of low bass filled tones they had Meyer Sound build custom subwoofer arrays that allowed them to pump up the low register for their concerts. The subwoofer hit the notes and frequencies Pickerell was looking for, and Blackened was ready to rock!

The brand claims that the result of all that rock is the honey-amber hued spirit has notes of “burnt caramel, oak and honey” on the nose and “moderate hints of spice upon first sip.” The taste includes “notes of honey, cinnamon, allspice, clove and mint”, finishing smoothly with flavors of “butterscotch, maple, and honey” We hope to update this article with verification of that claim once we get a chance to try it for ourselves.

Blackened is planning to be rolled out in limited markets by September 29, matching up with dates for Metallica’s fall North American tour.

California Bars To Close At 4AM?

California Senate Bill 905 was passed on Thursday, August 30th by the state Senate 28 to 8, and is now heading to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for approval. If signed, the legislation will launch a five-year test program that will allow nine cities (San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, West Hollywood, Long Beach, Coachella, Cathedral City, and Palm Springs) to push last call from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. At least 15 other states across the U.S. currently allow alcohol sales past 2 a.m.

The author of the bill, State Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat from San Francisco, believes that by extending hours, businesses could benefit from extra revenue, and that mean more taxes would be paid into the coffers of the cities and the state on the whole. He said:

“It is a really overdue bill, California right now has a one-size-fits-all approach to last call where every bar, and nightclub, and restaurant in the state has to stop serving at 2 a.m., whether you’re in downtown LA or in a rural area. It makes sense to give our local communities some flexibility.” 

The bill provides a great level of flexibility, each city has the final say on which factors will affect the closing times.

Also, the program ends after five years if lawmakers choose not to extend it.  The Governor has until September 30 to sign the bill which won’t go into effect until January 2021. Only then will bars in the trial cities be allowed to begin applying for extended licenses.

Several members of the Senate are strongly opposed to the bill, including San Diego Senator Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher. She said in an interview with The San Diego Union-Tribune:

“People are there drinking longer and that’s cause for concern,” she said “I understand San Francisco wants it, Los Angeles wants it. But we gotta monitor it closely. I’m looking for a net positive.”

What do you think? Do the benefits of the extension outweigh the risks? 

Star Powered Booze: The Celebrities In Your Liquor Cabinet

Ryan Reynolds – Aviation Gin

Reynolds is one of a very few, and the only celeb on this list, to invest in the herbaceous juniper infused elixir, gin. The actor, writer and producer, best known at the moment for his role as title character in “Deadpool”, has added another to his resume, he is now the owner of “Aviation Gin”

In an announcement on Twitter, Reynolds tweeted in his traditional tongue in cheek way, “In the long and in no way disastrous marriage of showbiz and alcohol, so happy to announce I’m the proud owner of a gin company.” In an official statement he said “Aviation is the best tasting gin in the world. Once I tried Aviation for the first time. I’ve spent my time finding some way to infiltrate the company,” He will play an active role in the day-to-day business and oversee creative direction of the company. “I did this for one simple reason: It’s the best damn gin on the planet.”

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt – Miraval Rosé

The former superstar couple own and operate a vineyard that they purchased in 2012 for a reported $60 million. In a partnership with a French winemaking family, Jolie and Pitt now find themselves in the wine-making business with Miraval Rosé. The first 6,000 bottles of Miraval Rosé they produced sold out in just five hours when they first hit the market in 2012, and the wine isn’t just some star powered celebrity hobby, It’s actually really delicious and even took a spot on Wine Spectator’s list of the top 100 wines of 2013.

Despite the celebrity couple’s divorce, which was announced in September 2016, work at the estate has continued without interruption. There are currently three new Miraval wines in the works: a Provence red made from Syrah, a Mourvèdre and a Cabernet Franc. That’s in addition to the award-winning rosé and two whites now in production. According to Marc Perrin, who co-owns the estate “We have long-term projects and we’ve just released the latest vintage of Miraval rosé with ‘bottled by Pitt, Jolie and Perrin’ on the label” He continued “It is an investment for the family and the children. They [Jolie and Pitt] are involved in all aspects of running the estate”.

George Clooney – Casamigos Tequila

Clooney’s award-winning tequila, was created in 2013 in a collaboration with his friends, Nightclub operator Rande Gerber, and real estate developer Mike Meldman to create “the best-tasting, smoothest” tequila. Produced in Jalisco, Mexico, the liquor immediately received rave reviews, and when it was sold in 2017 to the spirits giant Diageo the deal was valued at up to $1 billion. $700 million in cash upfront and up to $300 million more if it hits sales targets over the next decade.

Justin Timberlake – Sauza 901 Tequila

Named after his Memphis, Tenn. hometown area code, Sauza 901 is Justin Timberlake’s own brand which first launched in 2009. He co-founded the company and merged it with Beam-Suntory and used the name of their tequila brand “Sauza”. Timberlake is involved primarily in a creative and marketing capacity. He has appeared in some of their advertisements and frequently tweets about the tequila to his nearly 40 millions followers.

Dan Aykroyd – Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd, the former Blues Brother and Ghostbuster makes Vodka best known for being sold in a fun glass skull bottle. Aykroyd, in partnership with New York-based artist John Alexander, created a successful vodka that is seven-times distilled and clean in flavor.

Marilyn Manson – Mansinthe Absinthe

Made in Switzerland, Manson’s Absinthe is quite tasty. It won the gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Marilyn Manson loves it and was heavily involved in the product’s development from flavor and blending, to creating the artwork on the label.

Ludacris – Conjure Cognac

Atlanta-based rapper/actor Christopher Bridges, known to most as Ludacris, has a very successful career closely connected to the party scene, so it is no surprise that he has backs a booze label. Cognac is a high end spirit and this one is crafted under the direction of Ludacris himself.

David Beckham – Haig Club Whisky

In 2014 Diagio announced the global launch of a new single grain Scotch whisky called “Haig Club”. The whisky is made at Cameron Bridge Distillery, one of the oldest grain distilleries in Scotland and was developed in partnership with soccer star David Beckham and entrepreneur Simon Fuller. The whisky is packaged in a blue glass bottle, inspired by the tradition of blenders using blue tasting glasses so the spirit can be reviewed on aroma and taste alone. Oh, and the guy next to him in the image is a shoe maker named Jimmy Choo, he’s a partner in the company too.

Diddy – Ciroc Vodka & DeLeon Tequila

The connection between rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs and the massive company Diageo to develop Ciroc Vodka is among the most successful celebrity partnerships in the history of liquor.  Ciroc’s net sales have grown from just under 50,000 cases per year when the partnership was announced to almost 2-million cases today.

The parties involved announced a tequila venture “DeLeon” in 2014. Combs said “I’m not just a celebrity endorser, I’m a brand builder. I’m a luxury brand builder.”

“They’re looking for something that tastes like their lifestyle,” he said. “It’s that trendsetter, that hipster, someone who’s looking for luxury and looking for something better.”

Bob Dylan – Heaven’s Door Spirits

Bob Dylan recently announced a collection of 3 whiskeys that feature his own artwork on the bottle. The blends are finished in “Cigar” Barrels from Vosges, France. Dylan said that he and his partner Marc Bushala “wanted to create a collection of American whiskeys that, in their own way, tell a story.” The products first three blends include a Straight Tennessee Bourbon, a Double Barrel Whiskey, and a Straight Rye Whiskey, each of which have won San Francisco World Spirit’s Competition gold medals.

Drake – Virginia Black Whiskey

In a joint venture back in 2016, the Grammy-winning Canadian rapper and spirits producer Brent Hocking launched Virginia Black Whiskey. This is an American Blended Bourbon, and is said to be “much smoother and sweeter than your average bourbon.”




Channing Tatum – Born and Bred Vodka

The actor says he found himself in the liquor business after struggling to find any “good American vodka.” So he partnered up with Idaho’s Grand Teton Distillery to launch the spirit that has “a smooth taste to it, like a cool feeling in your mouth”




Matthew McConaughey  – Wild Turkey Bourbon

Though not really an owner, McConaughey is the creative and campaign director for Wild Turkey, and is responsible for writing, directing and sometimes starring in TV and digital ad campaigns. His involvement is actually very similar to “Diddy”s and hopefully with the “Longbranch” version that he’s put his name on gaining traction amidst positive reviews, he’ll see similar success.

George Straight – Código 1530

“Celebrating a successful show with a shot of tequila backstage has been a concert ritual for a long time now,” he said. “This year, I’m resolving to drink more water, and better tequila,” the country music legend said. This award winning tequila began importing and winning awards in 2016.

Sammy Hagar – Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum

Sammy Hagar is most well known from his time with the band Van Halen, but it’s possible that he’ll also be remembered for his effect of celebrity backed craft liquor.

After the success of his Cabo Wabo tequila, which he sold for a total of $91 million, Hagar found a new port in the spirit industry by creating a collection of rums that captured the essence of Hawaii. “It is truly ‘The Spirit of Aloha,’” he says.

Adam Levine (and Sammy Hagar, again) – Santo Mezquila

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, and one of the hosts of televisions “The Voice” has put himself in the liquor business with Sammy Hagar behind a new kind of spirit “Mezquila”.

Tequila is produced using only 100% blue agave, whereas mezcal can be made from any agave plant. The result of the mixture is a “smooth, full agave, rich tequila flavor with a touch of smoky-sweetness that you can only find with Mezcal – perfect for sipping,” Levine said

Kenny Chesney – Blue Chair Bay Rum

Country star Kenny Chesney is the sole owner and chief creative officer of this Caribbean distilled brand. The flavors of rum they offer includes 9 varieties, like white, coconut, spiced, and key lime. All of which are said to be made in “authentic beachside distilleries” .




All images are copyright of their respective entities.

Custom Cocktailing For The Hollywood Fringe Festival

Bryan’s Bar during Hollywood Fringe Opening Night 2018 / Photo by Matt Kamimura

Pierce and Luna is proud to create custom cocktails for The Hollywood Fringe Festival Sponsored Drinks Program. The sponsored drinks program allows fringe participants to feature a drink themed after their show at the infamous Bryan’s Bar. Participants submit a base liquor of their choice as well as their favorite mixers and we create a specialty drink that captures the flavor of their show and gives them a delicious way to promote their production! We have happily created over 60 cocktails for the LA theatre family since 2017 and look forward to many more.

Click here for more information on the Hollywood Fringe Festival.